Gender: Male
Birth Date: May 13, 1993

Native Name: 島田善

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Japanese Person


About ZEN

Zen Shimada is LDH Inc.’s professional running athlete known as “Parkour Performer.” He has been getting a lot of attention after winning several Japanese and international competitions and appearing in HiGH & LOW, the entertainment project produced by his management.

Zen started at the age of 15 when a parkour video piqued his interest. A year later, he decided to undergo training in the United States under a professional freerunning team, Tempest Freerunning. In 2011, Zen joined the Red Bull Art of Motion in Yokohama, a highly competitive freerunning competition that is held worldwide and requires athletes’ agility and creativity. He finished in 5th place.

ZEN Drama & Movies

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