Yang Li Xin

Yang Li Xin

Chinese Persons

Native name: 杨立新

Birth name: Li Xin Yang

Gender: male

Age: 66 years

Nationality: Chinese Persons

Date of birth: August 1, 1957


About Yang Li Xin

Yang Lixin, born in Beijing, is a Chinese film and television actor. _x000D_
He entered into the entertainment industry in 1988 starring in the television series The Last Emperor, playing the Guangxu Emperor. Some of his major works are Ban Bian Lou (半边楼, ‘Half the Apartment’), Cha Guan (茶馆, ‘Teahouse’), and Tian Xia Di Yi Lou (天下第一楼, ‘The First Floor of the World).
He is the father of Chinese actor Yang Li.

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