Xing Zhao Lin

Xing Zhao Lin

Chinese Persons

Native name: 邢昭林

Birth name: Zhao Lin Xing

Gender: male

Age: 26 years

Nationality: Chinese Persons

Date of birth: July 22, 1997


About Xing Zhao Lin

Xing Zhao Lin is a Chinese actor, model and singer born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He made his debut appearance in 2014 as a guest participant in the reality variety show “Million Fans”. Xing was a former trainee from SM Entertainment. During his trainee days, he was in Exo’s ‘Wolf’ Drama Episode #1 video. He left SM because he wanted to pursue a career only in China.

In 2015, he guest starred in the fantasy comedy movie “Back To 20”. In 2017, he became well-known for his supporting role in the period drama “Princess Agents”. That same year, his popularity soared higher after the release of costume romance drama “The Eternal Love”. He played the same lead role in its sequel “The Eternal Love 2” released in March 2018 and “The Eternal Love 3” in June 2021.

In December 2017, Xing won the Xinlang Annual New Fan Winner for “The Eternal Love”, the Tencent Entertainment Annual TV Series Newcomer Award and the Tencent Video Star Awards Annual Potential TV Actor Award. In January 2019, he won the 2018-2019 China Entertainment Gold Data Release Ceremony Annual Commercial Value Rising Artist Award. In December same year, he won the Best Actor at the 6th Online Drama Team. In December 2020, he won the 2020 Tencent Video Star Awards Annual Potential TV Actor Award. In January 2020, he participated in the opening ceremony of “Into the Contemporary-Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sustainable Development” and won the title of “Tsinghua Intangible Cultural Heritage Public Welfare Ambassador”.

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