Richie Ren

Richie Ren

Gender: Male
Birth Date: June 23, 1966

Native Name: 任贤齐

Birth Name: Hsian Chih Jen

Nationality:  Taiwanese Person


About Richie Ren

Richie Ren, born in Changhua County, is a Taiwanese singer and actor. As a freshman studying physical education at PCCU, he was a guitarist and vocalist in the band ATP. As a sophomore, he became a DJ on campus. By the time he was a senior in college, he was signed by Sony Music. His most famous songs are “Girl Across the Way, Look Over Here” and “Soft Heart”. He has become extremely popular throughout Asia, particularly in Chinese-speaking countries. In July 2007, he performed at the Grand Convention of Sunrider in Hong Kong.
(Source: Wiki and Flixster and Asianfanatics)

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