Pets Tseng

Pets Tseng

Gender: Female
Birth Date: October 21, 1984

Native Name: 曾沛慈

Birth Name: Pei Ci Ceng

Nationality:  Taiwanese Person


About Pets Tseng

Ceng Pei Ci, better known as Ceng Pets, is a Taiwanese Mandapop singer and actress, born on October 21, 1984. In 2007, Pets Ceng took part in the second season of the TV show “One Million Stars”, a Taiwanese singing competition show. In that occasion, she attracted the attention of media and public but only won 6th place in the competition, giving her the right to take part in the compilation of the first 10 participants. Her popularity went down for a while, and she went back to her studies. In March 2009, she got the chance to take part in the OST of the drama “K.O 3an Guo”. Finally she got a role in it as an actress and her success was such that what was initially a minor role became a major character of the show. Since then, her popularity rose.

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