Nakamura Teppei

Nakamura Teppei

Gender: Male
Birth Date: August 18, 1979

Native Name: 中村哲平

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Japanese Person


About Nakamura Teppei

After graduating from a Japanese film school, he went to the United States alone and graduated from the Cinema Department at Los Angeles City College . Since then, he has produced numerous works as a film director.

In 2009, he directed the work “A LITTLE STEP” co-authored with actor Takeshi Ihara .

In 2010, directed and directed the feature film “ 8UPPERS ” featuring Kanjani Eight .

Since 2011, he has been in charge of supervision of Asahi Super Dry CM that appeared in Masaharu Fukuyama . (2011-2014)

In addition to working on video works such as MV, he also supervises the OP video “OVERTURE” of their five major dome TOUR with Kanjani Eight who is deeply involved . The script is Ryo Nishikido .

In 2012, directed the long-length documentary film “ THE SONG ” by rock band UVERworld . Won first place in the first week of DVD ranking in the movie category. In documentary film, Michael Jackson ’s “ THIS IS IT ” has been a great achievement.

Utilizing his language skills when he studied at an American university, he produced commercials with Michael Bay (“Armageddon” “Transformers”) and John Woo (“Redcliff” “M: I-2”). He is also involved in many traditional works.

In 2014, he directed and directed the movie “ZEDD” filmed in Los Angeles. It is highly regarded as an international work using four languages, Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.

In 2015, Kadokawa published the novel Nakamura’s original novel, “One hundred million novel” . A photo book of Yakushima, the stage of the story, is also published.

In 2017, the movie “Evil and Masked Rules” was announced at Hiroshi Tamaki . The release is scheduled for 2018. The original is a novel of the same name by the Yodogawa Prize writer Funori Nakamura , a topical work that was selected as the 10 best mystery of the US paper Wall Street Journal in 2013.

(Source: Japan Wikipedia)

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