Murooka Yoshimiko

Murooka Yoshimiko

Gender: Female
Birth Date: April 20, 1980

Native Name: 室岡 ヨシミコ

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Japanese Person


About Murooka Yoshimiko

Joined Hawls, a variety production company. After taking charge of AD such as TBS “Chubu is OK”, Fuji TV “Child Rearing Riibi” etc, I retire to aim for a scenario writer and learn the script at the scenario center. I studied Rakugo at Nitere Institute “Kojimachi Rakugo Juku” and also acted as an amateur rakugo. 2015 The mystery solving Novell distribution service “Lie ~ Lie and truth ~”, social games such as location information game “station memo! – station memories!” And planning and screenplay cooperation of CM linked type WEB drama, cooperation of plot of long story novel He is active in etc. Published “2016” Book that challenges amateur rakugo! ” 2014 “Hakodate Port Illuminasion Film Festival 2014” The 18th scenario grand prize Grand Prix was awarded.

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