Murakami Shosuke

Murakami Shosuke

Japanese Persons

Native name: 村上正典

Birth name: Shosuke Murakami

Gender: male

Age: 59 years

Nationality: Japanese Persons

Date of birth: September 9, 1963


About Murakami Shosuke

Born in 1963 , Shosuke Murakami worked on several television dramas as second assistant director before serving as chief director of the TV series “ Tokyo Wa n Kei” in 2004 . This film marks his feature film directorial debut .

Murakami Shosuke Dramas & Movies

Flying Trapeze (2005)

Japanese Drama

One Week Friends

Japanese Movie

Shinhannin (2018)

Japanese Drama

Saimin (2000)

Japanese Drama

Renai Sagishi (1999)

Japanese Drama

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