Li Yi Xuan

Li Yi Xuan

Chinese Persons

Native name: 黎一萱

Birth name: Yi Xuan Li


Age: 36 years

Nationality: Chinese Persons

Date of birth: June 30, 1987


About Li Yi Xuan

Li Yi Zhen, formerly known as Li Wei, was born in Beijing, an actress in mainland China, and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy level 03.

In 2004, she starred in the TV series “Female and male appearance” to enter the entertainment business; in 2008, she starred in the first film, “Up and down dislocation”; later starred in many hit series, such as: “Love In The City” series, “Love · bloom”, ” “A sincere “, “Cutting love and hairdressing romance”, “Children’s love is longer”, etc.; in 2013, starring in the TV series “The Four Famous Boys ” and “The Love of Heaven and Earth “, among which “The Four Famous Boys of the Juvenile ” was praised by two people.

In March 2014, she participated in the cinema film “Eye of the Dawn”; in 2015, he participated in the cinema film “Tianma”; in the same year, he participated in the urban emotional drama “Dear! Long time no see”, playing the female No. 1 Mao Li.

In February 2017, he filmed the urban comedy “I don’t see it at first sight”, playing the role of the female No. 1 Zhang Xiao Qiang.

In 2017, “Save the Goku” was directed by director Ma Zhong Xuan, starring Zou Zhao Long and Li Yi Zhen, and was exclusively released on the Aiqiyi Film Channel on August 15, 2018.

In 2018, she filmed the film “Code Rebellion”, partnering with Huang Sheng Yi, Chen Yi Ru, Ma De Zhong, and so on.

Li Yi Xuan Dramas & Movies

Modern Lady (2007)

Chinese Drama

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