Krung Srivilai

Krung Srivilai

Thai Persons

Native name: กรุง ศรีวิไล

Birth name: Natee Suthinphuak

Gender: male

Age: 77 years

Nationality: Thai Persons

Date of birth: February 7, 1946


About Krung Srivilai

Krung Srivilai is a veteran actor and singer, born in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan, Thailand. He became famous for playing action heroes in the 1970’s and is said to have played in more than 400 movies and TV series (ThaiWorldView). He also acted in Hong Kong productions, such as Big Boss 2. He is best known for the films Tang Sua Phan (1977), 1 2 3 Monster Express (1977) and Tiger from River Kwai (1975). _x000D_
His daughter, Ellely Kamonwan Srivilai, is also an actress. _x000D_
In 2007 he entered politics and in 2010 he joined the “Peua Thai” Party, under his birth name Natee Suthinphuak.

Krung Srivilai Dramas & Movies

Killer Tattoo

Thai Movie

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