Kim Ki Bum

Kim Ki Bum

Korean Persons

Native name: 김기범

Birth name: Ki Bum Kim

Gender: male

Age: 6 years

Nationality: Korean Persons

Date of birth: February 9, 2029


About Kim Ki Bum

Kim Ki Bum was active as a singer of an orchestra, and then became an actor.
In 1959, he began his career as a movie star. In the 1960s, the golden age of Korean cinema, he often appeared as a villain such as a puppet army, a Japanese military police, and a Japanese detective in director Shin Sang Ok’s historical plays or Jung Chang Hwa’s action films.
In director Shin Sang-ok’s , there was an anecdote that he was about to die while drowning in the Hantan River while filming a scene where he saved Sim Bong Sa from a river, but was saved with the help of nearby fishermen. He was active in hundreds of Korean films until the late 1990s.
He also served as the executive director of “Young Woo Hoe,” consisting of 50 supporting actors and minor actors. He was fluent in Japanese enough to be able to interpret and translate Japanese, and as an action actor, he had a good knowledge of Japanese swordsmanship. Actress Lee Jung Ae, who was active during the same period, is his wife.
(Source: KMDb)

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