Jeon Jong Seo

Jeon Jong Seo

Korean Persons

Native name: 전종서

Birth name: Jong Seo Jeon


Age: 29 years

Nationality: Korean Persons

Date of birth: July 5, 1994


About Jeon Jong Seo

Jeon Jong Seo is a South Korean actress born in Seoul. She is best known for playing the role of Shin Hae Mi in the 2018 acclaimed South Korean thriller “Burning.”

When she was a child, Jeon and her family moved to Canada, where she attended middle school. She received her high school education in Korea. After high school, she attended Sejong University, majoring in film. In 2018, she took a break from university to pursue her acting career more freely.

Jeon Jong Seo Dramas & Movies

Burning (2018)

Korean Movie

The Call (2020)

Korean Movie

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