Jaturaphut Suangporn

Jaturaphut Suangporn

Gender: Female
Birth Date: June 10, 1905

Native Name:

Birth Name: Suangporn Jaturaphut

Nationality:  Thai Person


About Jaturaphut Suangporn

Suangporn grew up with her mother in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand after her father left the family. While growing up, Suangporn’s mother made sure she went to school and became educated to get a career and avoid falling into prostitution when she got older. Suangporn learned English and Chinese, swimming, and computer skills in school._x000D_
In her teens, she wanted to become an actress to help pay for her mother’s medical bills and turned to an aunt who worked in Thai soap operas. Suangporn’s aunt refused to help, so at age seventeen she became determined to become an actress independently. She found an agent who eventually helped her find a minor role in Paul Spurrier’s film P. The actress who was originally supposed to play the main protagonist Aaw/Dau quit the production the same day Suangporn showed up to rehearse her two scenes. She asked to read for the lead role of Aaw/Dau by doing a scene in which the character weeps. She and won the part that day. Since Suangporn was still seventeen, some of her scenes with sexual content were toned down. She had no acting experience prior to this._x000D_
After the completion of the film, Suangporn gave all the money she earned to her mother to pay for a medical operation. The filmmakers assisted Suangporn in enrolling into the Assumption University, where she studied for a B.A. in Chinese for Business.

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