Janel Tsai

Janel Tsai

Taiwanese Persons

Native name: 蔡淑臻

Birth name: Shu Chen Tsai


Age: 48 years

Nationality: Taiwanese Persons

Date of birth: March 14, 1975


About Janel Tsai

Name: 蔡淑臻 / Tsai Shu Chen (Cai Shu Zhen)_x000D_
English name: Janel Tsai_x000D_
Profession: Actress and model_x000D_
Birthdate: 1975-Mar-14_x000D_
Birthplace: Taiwan_x000D_
Height: 174cm_x000D_
Weight: 51kg_x000D_
Star sign: Pisces_x000D_
Chinese zodiac: Rabbit_x000D_
Blood type: B

Janel Tsai Dramas & Movies

Angel Lover (2006)

Taiwanese Drama

Mad Doctor (2021)

Taiwanese Drama

Another Woman (2015)

Taiwanese Movie

Possession (2018)

Taiwanese Movie

Janel Tsai More Information

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