Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong

Gender: Female
Birth Date: January 23, 1989

Native Name: 黃心穎

Birth Name: Jacqueline Wong

Nationality:  Hong Kong Person


About Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong is a Hong Kong TVB actress, host and 2012 Miss Hong Kong runner up. She also represented Hong Kong in the Miss World 2013 in which she placed top 12 in the Miss World Talent.

On 16 April 2019, Wong received heavy media exposure for her physical intimacies with married Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Hui. At the time of the incident, Hui was married to singer-actress Sammi Cheng and Wong was in a steady relationship with actor Kenneth Ma. The two shared a taxi ride, where they engaged in intimate acts recorded by the taxi’s in-vehicle camera. The video was later made public by various news outlets. The pair was believed to have left the taxi together for Wong’s residence. As damage control, Hui immediately made a public apology to his wife and loved ones, citing he was drunk that night but admitted his intoxication was no excuse for his behaviour. Since the scandal broke, Wong has blocked all comments from her social media accounts and later apologized on social media: "I can’t face myself and do not know how to face my family, Kenneth Ma, friends, company and colleagues… I don’t dare to ask everyone for forgiveness, and only beseech everyone to give some space to all the people who have been implicated."Jacqueline’s actions made her a social pariah. Her public image has been tarnished and promotions using her image has been removed or blocked. Jacqueline left Hong Kong and stayed in Los Angeles for several months to avoid public scrutiny and tabloids.

Due to the scandal, Wong’s role as in Chris Tsui Forensic Heroes IV was taken by good friend Roxanne Tong and scenes with the characters were reshot.


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