Hotta Mayu

Hotta Mayu

Japanese Persons

Native name: 堀田真由

Birth name: Mayu Hotta


Age: 25 years

Nationality: Japanese Persons

Date of birth: April 2, 1998


About Hotta Mayu

Mayu Hotta is a Japanese actress , fashion model , and a tarento born in Shiga prefecture. She is an exclusive model for “Non-no”. She won the WOWOW Drama Award during the 2014 Amuse Audition Festival, among the 32,214 participants. She now has appeared in various commercials, shows and music videos. She is represented by Amuse.

Hotta Mayu Dramas & Movies

Temisu no Kyuukei

Japanese Drama

Itoshi no Nina (2020)

Japanese Drama

36.8°C (2018)

Japanese Movie

Prison 13 (2019)

Japanese Movie

Surrogacy (2021)

Japanese Drama

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