Hosoyamada Takahito

Hosoyamada Takahito

Japanese Persons

Native name: 細山田隆人

Birth name: Takahito Hosoyamada

Gender: male

Age: 38 years

Nationality: Japanese Persons

Date of birth: May 1, 1985


About Hosoyamada Takahito

Hosoyamada Takahito is a Japanese actor. Height 177 cm. Weight 60 kg. Blood type A type. Special skill is basketball. He is from Tokyo. Graduated from the Nihon University College of Arts. He debuted in 1989.
He is a former child actor who made his debut at the age of 4 at the movie “Water Moon” in 1989. Starring the movie ‘My, my uncle’ in 2000. He won the 23rd Yokohama Film Festival Best Rookie Award for acting in the movie “GO” in 2002.
(Source: Japanese Wikipedia)

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