Charlene Chen

Charlene Chen

Chinese Persons

Native name: 陈芋米

Birth name: Yu Mi Chen


Age: 30 years

Nationality: Chinese Persons

Date of birth: November 30, 1992


About Charlene Chen

Charlene Chen is a Chinese actress. She was born in Shanghai on November 30, 1992.
Chen Yumi took many commercials while she was in school. In addition, she also served as a print model for several magazines.
In August 2009, she participated in Dragon TV’s female talent show ” Come on! “Oriental Angel “, and won the top 5 in the Wuhan Division and the top 30 in the country.
She has appeared in several Chinese films and television dramas including “Science & Sensibility” (2018) and “Flipped” (2018).
(Source: Viki, Baidu)

Charlene Chen Dramas & Movies

Detective Sweet

Chinese Drama

Flipped (2018)

Chinese Drama

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