Adachi Naoko

Adachi Naoko

Japanese Persons

Native name: 安達奈緒子

Birth name:


Age: 53 years

Nationality: Japanese Persons

Date of birth:


About Adachi Naoko

Naoko Adachi is a Japanese screenwriter from Kanagawa Prefecture . After graduating from Waseda University in 1995, she completed for the 68th term of the Writer’s School of Japanese Writers’ Federation. In 2003, she won the 15th Fuji TV Young Scenario Award and made her debut.

Adachi Naoko Dramas & Movies

Okaeri Mone (2021)

Japanese Drama


Japanese Drama


Japanese Drama

Sagideka (2019)

Japanese Drama

Code Blue 3 (2017)

Japanese Drama

Furenabaochin (2016)

Japanese Drama

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