Zhong Kui Returns (2020)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 钟馗归来万世妖灵

Duration: 1 hr. 12 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Zhong Kui Gui Lai Wan Shi Yao Ling , GUI Loong , Jung Kwai Gwai Loi Maan Sai Yiu Ling , 鍾馗歸來萬世妖靈

Zhong Kui Returns (2020)


Zhong Kui teamed up with Princess Jiaolong to execute the wicked Tiger King’s son. The Tiger King was angry and severely wounded Jiaolong. In order to save the dragon, Zhong Kui sealed the supreme treasure Kui Ling in the dragon, and half of the immortal body was separated from the world, starting a long journey of reshaping the golden body. He came to Longmen Town, met the demon-catcher Fangirl who admired him, and met Tang Sancai, a young man in a village and town, and the princess Jiaolong who followed along. The four of them descended and eliminated demons all the way, and finally met Tiger King, the king of all demons. Head-to-head confrontation staged a very visually impactful and exciting battle between gods and monsters.

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Zhong Kui Returns (2020) Cast

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