You Music Me (2016)

You Music Me (2016)

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Country: China

Native Title: 薛定谔的猫

Air Date: Nov 16, 2016 – ? 2016-11-16

Year: 2016

Network: Tencent Video

Duration: 25 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles:

Genre: Fantasy, Music, Youth


You Music Me tells the funny and touching story of a seemingly cynical young lawyer Xue Shi Qi who finds a “dumb phone” and ends up in a parallel universe where he is now a high school music teacher.

Lawyer Xue Shi Qi does not understand music at all, but has been secretly in love with music star Qian Zhen for a very long time. Qian Zhen dares Xue Shi Qi tosend a message to an unknown number using an old mobile phone. He suddenly finds himself in a parallel universe, where he is the director of Red Star Academy’s Four Seasons Choir. Qian Zhen is now his colleague, and his formerly male business partner Zhi Nian is now his girlfriend. In this universe, Xue Shi Qi must deal with a group of extremely musically talented, but troublesome students, while at the same time try to figure out the secret of the old mobile phone that brought him to this universe. The mysterious phone is like a magical cure-all. Whenever something bad happens, Xue Shi Qi uses the phone to solve all his problems, but with this power comes constant changes in the fates of the people around him.


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