Wife’s Choice (2022)

Wife’s Choice (2022)

Total votes: 28

Rank: #51451

Country: China

Native Title: 妻子的选择

Air Date: 2022-06-06 2022-06-06

Year: 2022

Network: Hunan TV,Mango TV

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Qi Zi De Xuan Ze

Genre: Drama, Life, Romance


Housewife Fang Tang is happily married – or so she thought. Sometime after her 30th birthday, she notices that her husband, Gao Jia Wei, has been acting oddly, only to discover that he’s having an affair. While tormented by his infidelity, she remains calm in the hope that he can be honest with her. Instead, he remains evasive, lying continually, and refusing to take responsibility for his actions.

Gao Jia Wei’s businesspartner and competitor Qi Miao hoped to take advantage of Gao Jia Wei’s marital crisis, only to sabotage herself when her plan pans out. All the while, she had been so busy pursuing fame and fortune that she alienated her husband to the point of filing for divorce.

Qi Miao’s assistant, Da Yu, is focused only on avenging her broken heart, overlooking her family in the process.

After everything she has gone through, Fang Tang realizes she can no longer rely on her marriage. So she steps out of her comfort zone by returning to the workplace for a fresh start. Gradually Qi Miao strikes a balance between her personal life and career, while Da Yu finally lets go of her obsessions, allowing her to cherish the present.

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