Tur Gub Kao Lae Ruk Kong Rao

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #99999

Native name: เธอกับเขาและรักของเรา

Air Date: Nov 29, 2010 - Feb 7, 2011

Network: Channel 7

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: You and him and our love , Our Possible Love ,

Tur Gub Kao Lae Ruk Kong Rao


Ever since her parents passed away, Pangrum has lost all her fortune. Her uncle and aunt raised her but when they couldn’t do it anymore, they sent her off to live with Khun Yai, a wealthy man who became her guardian. Khun Yai paid the uncle and aunt a large amount of money and promised to take care of Pangrum. Later, when Khun Yai has a meeting in Shanghai, he takes Pangrum with him, but he Pangrum feels lonely and goes walking on her own. She is almost hit by a car but Pao, a Thai citizen who lives in Shanghai saves her. Pao massages Pangrum’s ankle so hard that she cusses at him in Thai because she thinks that he wouldn’t understand her. She wants to give him money for helping her, but Pao gets mad. He is about to say something back when he sees a handkerchief falling out from Pangrum’s bag. The handkerchief makes him remember a childhood friend from Thailand whom he hoped to meet again. When Pangrum returns to the hotel, instead of punishing her, Khun Yai hires a tour guide for the following day. She finds out the next day that the tour guide is Pao and they are both in shock. Pangrum feels embarrassed because of the words she said to him the day before. Khun Yai tells Pao to take care of Pangrum really good because she is his woman. The words struck Pao’s heart because he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for Pangrum.



Tur Gub Kao Lae Ruk Kong Rao Cast

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