Tsuki ni Inoru Piero (2013)

Tsuki ni Inoru Piero (2013)

Total votes: 27

Director: Horiba Shoji

Screenwriter: Kitagawa Eriko

Rank: #44020

Country: Japan

Native Title: 月に祈るピエロ

Air Date: 41552 2013-10-05

Year: 2013

Network: TBS

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Pierrot Praying to the Moon



41-year-old Shizuru lives with her mother and grandmother in a mountain village in Gifu Prefecture. Shizuru’s grandmother is gentle, but is also partially disabled. Shizuru and her mother takes care of her grandmother. Meanwhile, Shizuru’s mother ignores her and often restricts what she can do. Consequently, Shizuru has little freedom and endures a monotonous life. Shizuru works at a hospital as a receptionist. One day, she goes to the bookstore to buyreading materials for the waiting room. She recalls a picture book which she read many years ago.The main character of the book was a Pierrot from a circus. Even though she enjoyed the picture book immensely, she can’t recall the title of the book. Luckily, her grandmother knows the title which is “Tsuki ni Inoru Piero” (“Pierrot Praying to the Moon”). Shizuru wants to read the picture book again and ends up ordering the book through an auction site on the internet. While Shizuru reads the picture book, a small piece of paper falls out of the picture book. The piece of paper looks several years old and lists ingredients like it is a recipe. Shizuru doesn’t know why, but she can’t throw the piece of paper away. Because of the piece of paper, Shizuru and a man begins to exchange mail. They have never met before, but the picture book, which they both read when they were young, connects them.

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