The Yearbook (2021)

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #2499

Native name: หนังสือรุ่น

Air Date: Jul 15, 2021 - Sep 2, 2021

Network: LINE TV

Duration: 50 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: A Student Yearbook , Nung Sue Roon

The Yearbook (2021)


Do you still remember your friends in “The Yearbook”?
A series that will bring you back to the early 2000 and the deep connection between Phob and Nut when the two of them promised to follow their dreams together. Unfortunately, someone didn’t keep the promise and that led to disagreements. There was only pain left between them. Finally, they parted ways. Four years later, the yearbook brings that one friend back again with some truths. In the end, will their friendship, intimacy, and dreams return again or will they have to face the reality and leave everything as memories in the Yearbook?

(Souce: UltimateTroop;Littlemiss260

~~ Adapted from the short film school project “The Yearbook” (หนังสือรุ่น) by Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn (พีรวิชญ์ อรรถชิตสถาพร).



The Yearbook (2021) Cast

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