The True Monkey King (2019)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 美猴王之真假孙悟空

Duration: 1 hr. 12 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Mei Hou Wang Zhi Zhen Jia Sun Wu Kong , Zhen Jia Sun Wu Kong , Mei Hau Wong Ji Jan Ga Syun Ng Hung , Jan Ga Syun Ng Hung , 真假孙悟空 , 美猴王之真假孫悟空 , 真假孫悟空 , The Fake vs. Real Monkey King , Xi You Ji Zhi Zhen Jai Sun Wu Kong , The Monkey King

The True Monkey King (2019)


The two monkey spirits on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit are very close. The Six-Eared monkey meets Long Ruyi and gets a string of Buddha beads. In order to find a way to protect their home, they takes a long journey to Heaven’s Column. The two monkeys carelessly fall from it, but saved by Long Ruyi, who mistakenly takes Monkey Ji as the Six-Eared Monkey, and falls in love with him. Out of jealousy, the Six-Eared Monkey is enticed by a snake demon, and kills the old monkey. The two monkey spirits become enemies and have a fight. The Heavenly Court punishes them and by following the Bodhisattva’s advice, Monkey Ji protects Tang Sanzang on the journey westward to obtain sutras. But when he is driven away by Tang Sanzang, the Six-Eared Monkey arrives.



The True Monkey King (2019) Cast

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