The Theory Series

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #3955

Native name: ทฤษฎีรัก

Network: Channel 9

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Love Theory

The Theory Series


Three different stories about different opinions about love.

1) A student named Konpord fall in love at first sight with his graduating senior, Rahat. And he tries to woo him not to lose him forever. Many obstacles await, will be able to fight his love for Rahat?

2) Tawan believes in destiny. One day, he meets a shy guy, Meth at the bookstore. Days passed by, he met him thrice in different scenarios. What will happen when these two men are no longer a stranger?

3) For Thai, happiness lies within being himself. If he can’t find someone who can adapts for him, it’s better to be alone. What will happen if he found Prab, his other half?

Source: BLUpdate2020 Twitter)



The Theory Series Cast

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