The Parents League (2022)

The Parents League (2022)

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Country: Hong Kong

Native Title: 反起跑線聯盟

Air Date: 2022-03-21 2022-03-21

Year: 2022

Network: ViuTV

Duration: 60 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Anti-Starting Line Alliance, Fan Hei Pau Sin Luen Mang, Fan Qi Pao Xian Lian Meng, Fan Hei Pau Sin Lyun Mang, 反起跑线联盟

Genre: Family


What is the best for children? A stress-free environment or a live-happily-ever-after life? A well-planned head-start or an all-rounded ability? Life is a race, and the kindergarten is the first battlefield!

With the support of her husband, Armand, Nora resigns from work and devotes herself to taking care of their daughter Yoyo who cannot adapt well to kindergarten life.

Yoyo is greatly improved after transferring to Joyful Kindergarten which implements a stress-freeeducation policy by Principal Kong. Meanwhile, Nora tries her best to be an ideal mother with the helping hand from Venus. Good times don’t last long however, another force is formed by a rich parent Charles who pressures the school to improve its competitiveness. Nora unites the parents who share the same beliefs and forms the “Anti-cramming Alliance”, which aims to resolutely maintain a friendly learning environment for their children!

(Source: Viu)

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