The New Dragon Gate Inn

Country: China

Ranking: #7747

Native name: 新龙门客栈

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Alternative titles: xinlongmenkezhan

The New Dragon Gate Inn


In the late Ming Dynasty, during internal and external troubles and the battle for the crown prince over the ruling and the opposition, pirates are rampant in the southeast of the border, and the northwest is rising. Jin Yiwei Zhou Huai’an has no interest in political struggle, but he also hates Dongchang. Under the persuasion of his master, he did not confront Dongchang directly. In order to protect the loyal minister, Yingguanzhen, the only son of King Lao Ying, he stood on the opposite side of Dongchang; later, to rectify the name of Lao Ying Wang, he became the first rebel against the dark forces of Dongchang; After the adventures on the islands, Zhou Huaian not only improved his martial arts and became the owner of the 36 islands respected by the archipelago forces, but also broadened his horizons and became a great hero for the country and the people. And the King King who finally ascended to the throne by using vicious methods along the way, King King finally understood the way to be the king after he was in power, rehabilitated the old British king, put down the rebellion, and boldly opened the “sea ban” to make the southeast coastal trade a good place. Preface, the Maritime Silk Road has begun to take shape, and the opening of the market on the northwest border has restored the ancient Silk Road. At this time, Zhou Huaian resigned from office and went into hiding, and went with Qiu Moyan to the northwest to find Jin Xiangyu who reopened the Dragon Inn after the rebellion.
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