The Harmonium in My Memory (1999)

The Harmonium in My Memory (1999)

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Country: South Korea

Native Title: 내 마음의 풍금

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Duration: 2 hr. 23 min.

Content Rating: G – All Ages

Alternative Titles: Nae Maeumeui Punggeum, Organ In My Heart, Nae Maeumui Punggeum

Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Music, School


Set in 1963, 21-year-old Kang Su Ha, a recent graduate with a major in Education, gets posted to a small country town as a primary school teacher. A 17-year-old student there at the school named Hong Yeon falls for the new teacher. Meanwhile, Su Ha finds himself attracted to Yang Eun Hee, another teacher who arrived in the town on the same day as Su Ha. Su Ha and Eun Hee bothshare a love for music, while Hong Yeon searches for meaning in all of her teacher’s actions.

(Source: AsianWiki)

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