The Crush (2020)

The Crush (2020)

Total votes: 279

Director & Screenwriter: Mo Yi Fei

Screenwriter: Li Qian

Rank: #7105

Country: China

Native Title: 心动警报

Air Date: 44117 2020-10-13

Year: 2020

Network: Youku

Duration: 5 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Xin Dong Jing Bao, Love Alert, Love Alarm, The Crush Season 1

Genre: Business, Romance


At the age of 35, divorced and single, Yi Xing Yan meets someone who makes her heart waver in the company, a young workplace junior and former student, Zhou Si Xing. The pressure of reality, the distance of identity, the system of the company and the sincere and passionate pursuit of the boy make Yi Xing Yan face a choice: a stable and calm second half of life, or a short andfleeting but heart-wrenching relationship like a storm.

Yi Xing Yan once chose to avoid it, but when she saw Zhou Si Xing being pursued by another girl, she felt an uncontrollable sourness in her heart. In the collision of emotions, the two can no longer hide their love for each other. The process of trying to get along has the sweetness of falling in love and is also filled with all kinds of differences and burdens that cannot be ignored. Yi Xing Yan and Zhou Si Xing learn how to love each other better in the process of bonding.

However, the company’s iron law strictly prohibits internal love, the ex-husband’s request to get back together, and colleagues’ rumors appear one by one… adult world is not only love; sometimes, painful to let go or accept regret, will become one of the inescapable options!

(Source: Youku)

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