The Comments (2021)

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #5312

Native name: The Comments ทุกความคิดเห็น..มีฆ่า

Air Date: May 23, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021

Network: GMM 25

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Alternative titles: The Comments

The Comments (2021)


Papang, student president and outstanding all-around student and perfect in every way, kills herself in the middle of her live stream. She is copying Gina, her favourite actress, the second female idol to be cyberbullied to the extent of committing suicide in the middle of her live stream.

Her brother Khan wants to investigate the reason behind her decision. He enlists the help of Phat, the young assistant-teacher to Ms Wimol, Papang’s homeroom teacher.
Hoping to learn the truth, Khan and Phat speak to the following students: Nan, the social media addict who feels she is inferior to Papang in every way; Toon, the straight-A student who wants to be the student president to complement her grades; and Pok, the young man who had a crush on Papang, whom she brutally rejected.
Next, they spoke to her mother, Pimpa, that Papang had long-standing issues regarding her relationship with Wittaya, a man already with a family. Pimpa seemed to be hiding something.

The more they search, the more Khan and Phat become suspicious about the clues behind Papang’s seemingly perfect world. She was suffering from defamation and bullying. At the end, who made Papang commit suicide?
Source: GMMTV YouTube; )ภาษาไทย



The Comments (2021) Cast

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