Tada: A Portrait of Korean Startups (2021)

Country: South Korea

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 타다

Duration: 1 hr. 31 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Tada

Tada: A Portrait of Korean Startups (2021)


The story of a 6-month struggle after the suspension of Tada, “We must survive somehow!”

Tada, a mobile riding platform which has been called the Uber of Korea has been growing exponentially. It was on a roll with its first 1 million users within nine months of its release, but was embroiled in a legal battle due to the opposition from the taxi industry.

Amid heated controversy on the day of the poorly executed first trial with a ‘not guilty’ judgment, all team members gather together to celebrate with a “paper cup wine party.” But just 14 days after, the Anti-Tada law has been passed. Will they be able to revive Tada through this worst crisis?
Korea’s first documentary film about a ‘start-up’ will be released through the story of the mobile platform Tada.

Source: HanCinema)



Tada: A Portrait of Korean Startups (2021) Cast

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