Su Mi Ma Sen, Love (2009)

Country: Taiwan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 對不起,我愛你

Duration: 1 hr. 16 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Dui Bu Qi Wo Ai Ni , Sumimasen, Love , Sorry, Love , 对不起我爱你 , Sorry I love you

Su Mi Ma Sen


Chie Tanaka comes to Taiwan to study Chinese but is unexpectedly cast as the leading actress in a movie. Wu Huai Chung wants to be a filmmaker but he can only find a part-time projectionist job. Chie runs away from her acting work in Taipei to a southern city Kaohsiung. As soon as she begins her one-day excursion, she finds her purse is lost. Huai Chung helps her by offering her five hundred Taiwan dollars. She refuses first. Huai Chung believes their encounter is pre-destined. But how can he convince Chie that their fates are really crossed? It will take his wits, humors and most importantly his heart to do the magic.



Su Mi Ma Sen, Love (2009) Cast

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