Single Again

Country: South Korea

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 돌아온 싱글

Air Date: Jun 8, 2005 - Jul 21, 2005

Network: SBS

Duration: 60 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Returned Single , Return of the Single , Dol-ah-on Sing-geul , Dolaeun Singeul

Single Again


Keum Joo, who works at a travel company, has a blind date with Il-Do on behalf of Hyeon Keum. Il-Do is terrified by Keum Joo eating her steak like a pig. Keum Joo tells Hyeon Keum that she will never again have a blind date on behalf of Hyeon Keum.

Hyeon Keum, who is in debt from her ex-husband, tries to give a good impression to a man on another blind date. Her blind date then realizes that Hyeon Keum is ex spouse of a man who owes him money. Hyeon Keum barely gets away from her blind date.

Hyeon Keum asks Keum Joo to guide a group of tourists to Cebu in the Philippines. Although Keum Joo isn’t good as a tour guide she goes ahead. There, Min-Ho, who isn’t satisfied with his guide, calls the travel agency and complains about Keum Joo. Hye Ran tries to give a good impression to Min-Ho, but he doesn’t seem interested. Min-Ho is the newly appointed president of the travel agency.

Back in Korea, Keum Joo gets to her office and is surprised to see Min-Ho in the president’s office. Min-Ho tells Keum Joo that he will fire her.

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Single Again Cast

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