Country: Japan

Ranking: #11029

Native name: シュウカツ

Duration: 1 hr. 13 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated



Shuukatsu is a process that takes place during a university students’ final year in Japan where students look for a job before graduating. It is a physically and mentally tough challenge where students wear similar looking suits and attend job fairs, employment seminars, and job interviews with the objective of securing a job offer. It is a gauntlet thrown at students by tough interviewers. Hard enough. Imagine being amidst an army of people all competing against you. Scary, right? This film tells five stories based on a variety of interview candidates who must draw upon their survival instincts to succeed.

Episode 1: “Invisible Partner” (Totani Kimito).
episode 2: “Spread” (Yokohama Ryusei).
Episode 3: “Survival” (Tomoki Hirose).
Episode 4: “Waiting Room” (Watanabe Shu and Sakurada Dori).



Shukatsu Cast

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