Say Yes Enterprise

Country: Taiwan

Ranking: #11072

Native name: 求婚事務所 (求婚事务所)

Air Date: Apr 4, 2004 - Dec 26, 2004

Network: TTV

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Chiu Hun Shih Wu So (Qiu Hun Shi Wu Suo)

Say Yes Enterprise


Say Yes Enterprise is a show devided into 7 different stories, related one to the other by one common thread: a sort of match-making, or cupid agency.
Each story narrated is different and concluded within a set of episodes.

The first story is called: “Cinderella”
He is a member of elite. She is a street performer. Their worlds collide when they find safety within each other’s embrace.

2. Loving Windy Dust
Their love was cut short when she suddenly disappeared one night. Ten years later, he found her. The girl he once knew and loved has become a companion to a ruthless gangster.

3. Love Letter
They fought and they made up. She wanted to get married. He wanted to wait until his career gets on track. The story of their life. But an accident ruined all his plans.

Story 4: The Graduate
She fell in love with a man 18 years her junior. Oh my… he is almost the same age as her son. Worse, he is her son’s classmate. Should she follow her heart and risk losing her family?

5. Fatal Attraction
A one night stand. That is all. So he thinks. Now she comes knocking. She is at his workplace. She harasses his wife. She says she is carrying his child. A one night stand. That is all.

6. Kramer vs. Kramer
“Let’s do something to get our parents back together!” So the twins switch places. She goes to dad’s, and she goes to mom’s.

Story 7: You are destined to be my bride
They thought they were finished. She is pursuing her new love. And him, he is wallowing in his self-pity. But life has a way of working itself out. Her new love decides to get back with his ex. And him, he sees another chance for her to fall in love with him again.



Say Yes Enterprise Cast

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