Romantic Movement In Seoul

Country: South Korea

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 우리는 사랑일까

Air Date: ?? 3, 2010

Duration: 6 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: The Romantic Movement

Romantic Movement In Seoul


The Romantic Movement: Seoul is a four part drama series compiled in 9 episodes. Each part is directed by a different director, two of which are very popular – Kang Chul Woo who is famous for the movie Romantic Island, and Park Hyun Jin who directed Lovers of 6 Years. The series owes tribute to the book which it is based on: The Romantic Movement by Alain de Botton. The series cohesively tells the story of a girl named Hyo Rin (Min Hyorin), a girl constantly plagued by love. After losing someone close to her heart, she must learn to love again. The first installment is titled My Bloody Valentine, the second is My Sweet Blanket, and the third, The Tarot Players. Other characters who frequently appear on the show include Yeo Wook Hwan (Ja Myung Go), Sohn Byung Wook (Private Eye), Defconn, a hip hop artist starring himself, and Jung Jun II from Mate, the rock band. Be sure to check out this beautifully-crafted series!



Romantic Movement In Seoul Cast

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