Record of Monsters (2019)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 聊斋群妖谱

Duration: 1 hr. 28 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Liao Zhai Group Demon Book , Liao Zhai Group Monster Spectrum , Liáo Zhāi Qún Yāo Pǔ , Liao Zhai Qun Yao Pu , Monster Hunter , 聊齋群妖譜

Record of Monsters (2019)


A Bao, the daughter of the richest man in Beijing, suffered from Soul Disorder, and was sleepy all day long. Countless doctors have come to the disease, but it has no effect. Xiao Jiu, who passed by the demon catcher, heard about A Bao’s condition and felt that it was not a disease of detachment from the soul, but that there was a monster making trouble, and he unveiled the list to cure A Bao. Xiao Jiu discovered that A Bao could not sleep for a long time because he was addicted to his dream, and then entered A Bao’s dream to find the source of A Bao’s long sleep. But it turned out that she was incensed on the outskirts ten days ago, passing the willow forest outside the city, and was attracted by the willow demon of the millennium. The Willow Demon has no flesh and turns into the look of A Bao’s admirable human handsome boy. He meets A Bao in a dream every day, making A Bao unconsciously addicted. In order to stay close to Ah Bao, the willow demon determined to take Bai Gong Zi’s body and seal Bai Gong Zi’s soul in a blue bird’s body. In order to save A Bao and Bai Gong Zi, Xiao Jiu went deep into the demon cave and launched a fight with Willow Demon.

Source: New Top Chinese Movies)



Record of Monsters (2019) Cast

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