Rainbow Prince (2022)

Country: Philippines

Ranking: #5564

Native name: Rainbow Prince

Content Rating: G - All Ages

Rainbow Prince (2022)


Rainbow Prince is a musical Filipino (Pinoy) boys’ love (BL) series. It is the story of Prince Zeyn, a young and audacious prince who is destined for a path filled with adventure, soul searching, and true love. His journey leads to magical moments, new relationships, and the most challenging decision of his life — the decision of his heart over his duty as the future king of Zurbania. Prince Zeyn has to differentiate his reality from fantasy. What is more important, his responsibility to rule a nation or his true heart’s desires? Can he find a middle ground or be forced to make the ultimate decision?

(Sources: Oxin Films Facebook Account; Rainbow Prince The Series Facebook Account)



Rainbow Prince (2022) Cast

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