Tomorrow, I Will Love You (1999)

Tomorrow, I Will Love You (1999)

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Country: Thailand

Native Title: พรุ่งนี้ฉันจะรักคุณ

Air Date: May 28, 1999 – Jun 27, 1999 1999-05-28

Year: 1999

Network: Channel 7


Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Proong Ni Chan Ja Rak Khun, Proong Nee Chun Ja Ruk Khun, Phrungni Chan Cha Rak Khun

Genre: Drama, Romance


Nion catches a taxi at the bus stop whose driver attempts to rape her. Fortunately, Nont notices right before getting in his car. He follows the taxi and sees Nion unconscious in the backseat. When the taxi stops at a hotel, the driver brings Nion to a room and Nont manages to kick him out. When Nion wakes up, she sees Nont and, misunderstanding the situation, flees. Afterwards, she goes to studyabroad.

Nont courts Nion’s friend Supak, not out of feelings for her but to beat Pranart (Nion’s brother), who’s also courting her. Supak falls in love with Nont and they get engaged. When Nion returns to Thailand, she finds out that Supak’s groom is none other than Nont. They’re both shocked. Nion constantly picks fights with Nont. When Nont realizes Nion’s misunderstanding, he decides to keep lying about it but he eventually falls in love with her.

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