Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #99999

Native name: เพลงรักข้ามภพ

Air Date: Feb 22, 2009 - Apr 12, 2009

Network: Channel 7

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob


Nokyoong is the only daughter of Nuan, a former dancer, and a famous Looktoong singer who has passed away. Nuan then decides to get remarried. Once her daughter failed to get into the school of choice Nuan decides to send Nokyoong to live with her former music group. Instructor Tin, the leader of the group, accepts Nokyoong as a singer in the group and takes her to compete in many shows on tv. Maprang, Instructor Tin’s daughter, bullies Nokyoong. One day, Nokyoong is sad and runs off to the back of the house. She sings a song to express her sadness underneath a Plumeria tree that is about to die and suddenly there is a miracle. The Plumeria tree has beautiful flowers bloom once again. On top of that she meets Numtaang, a young man who comes out and talks to her and encourages her before dissapearing into the Plumeria tree. Once Nokyoong places the Plumeria flower behind her ears it is stuck there and the ghost of the guy is stuck talking to her. After being chased on a motorcycle and crashing into the Plumeria tree, Numtaang became a ghost who lost his memory and cannot find his way home. Coincidentally Numtaang’s questions were answered by Nokyoong because she was talking to herself, so he decides to follow her.



Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob Cast

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