Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (2021)

Country: China

Ranking: #672

Native name: 一不小心捡到爱

Air Date: May 20, 2021 - Jun 9, 2021

Network: Youku

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: I Accidentally Found Love , I Accidentally Picked Up Love , You Succeeded in Attracting My Attention , Yi Bu Xiao Xin Jian Dao Ai , Yat Bat Siu Sam Gim Dou Ngoi , 一不小心撿到愛

Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (2021)


This is a story of how the ‘rabbit’ (Gu An Xin) brings home a ‘big bad wolf’ (Ling Yue) when she chances upon the hotshot executive after an accident. His injuries and the accident were the result of an ugly fight for succession at a powerful conglomerate. But none of that was evident initially; he first appeared stupid but slowly proved himself to be a genius. With two people so different from each other living together, what kind of relationship will they have?

Source: ChineseDrama.info; bumblethunderbeast

~~ Adapted from the web novel “I Accidentally Picked Up a President” (一不小心捡到个总裁) by Chun Feng Yi Du (纯风一度). Bahasa Indonesia



Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (2021) Cast

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