Paradise (2006)

Paradise (2006)

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Director & Screenwriter: Kamei Toru

Rank: #99999

Country: Japan

Native Title: 楽園-流されて-

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Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.

Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

Alternative Titles: Rakuen – Nagasarete, 楽園 流されて

Genre: Drama


Rika Tadano, a famous former television host, is running for local elections on the southern island of Kyushu to take over the political role of her father. Helped by the attendants of the latter, the group travels through the locality. Unbearable, arrogant, proud, and of very bad character, Erika is far from being the ideal candidate for this zone of fishermen. Due to his friendship with his father, a fisherman, and hisson Yohei, who is learning the trade, will help her to move to other neighboring islands to continue her electoral campaign.

The night before the departure, on the deck of the boat, Yohei, after an attack of jealousy, beats his wife. It falls overboard and Yohei, instead of helping her, runs away leaving her for dead. The next day Yohei returns to the boat and joins the group. On the first island they visit, Erika fights in a fight with a voter who throws her a bucket of water. Drenched, Erika refuses to continue the campaign and stays on the island with Yohei while they wait for the rest of the group. As it takes time to return, Erika impatiently asks Yohei to steal a boat to return to the main port. Yohei reluctantly does what he says but fails to check the fuel level of the tank and they are left to drift. From there to a little they see a desert island where they will live during the following days.

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