Okaasan to Issho (2003)

Okaasan to Issho (2003)

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Screenwriter: Kaneko Arisa

Rank: #99999

Country: Japan

Native Title: お義母さんといっしょ

Air Date: Jan 7, 2003 – Mar 11, 2003 2003-01-07

Year: 2003

Network: Fuji TV

Duration: 54 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Okasan to issho, The In-Laws



This series is set in downtown Tokyo. Tamayo, the wife in the Aramaki family, who wants to go her own way in life, is living together with her mother-in-law Yoshie, a strong-willed woman, in an environment that’s like a continuous knockdown drag-out battle. Although he’s at the mercy of their constant arguments, Ryosuke is a breadwinner in the family who manages to prevail upon the two of them to get along witheach other. But if the man they both love? either as a husband or as a son? should suddenly disappear? Now these two women, so different in character and like strangers to each other, are forced to live under the same roof. In a series of stops and starts, will they eventually get to understand each other and become a real family? Here’s a moving home drama with a generous portion of laughs and tears.
(Source: Fuji TV)

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