Nie Xiaoqian

Country: Taiwan

Ranking: #9951

Native name: 聶小倩

Air Date: Feb 21, 2016 - Jul 3, 2016

Network: CTV

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: 搶救21克的愛情 , 倩女魂不優 , Saving 21G Love ,

Nie Xiaoqian


Emergency room doctor Ling Cheng Xi inadvertently released ghost Nie Xiao Qian from her seal. She immediately recognized him as her star-cross lover from 500 years ago and wished to pick up their relationship where they left off. He, however, took her for a crazy, stalker patient. Exorcist Yan Qi wanted to help with her reincarnation, but she rather cease to exist than to leave Ling’s side. In the meantime, tree demon was plotting revenge against her for her betrayal 500 years earlier.



Nie Xiaoqian Cast

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