New Way of the Dragon (2015)

New Way of the Dragon (2015)

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Country: China

Native Title: 新猛龙过江

Air Date: 2015 2015

Year: 2015



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Genre: Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Wuxia


In the early years of the Republic of China, the king of Nanquan, Qiu Zhen Rong, and the North-legged Du Duo Hao made a battle in the battle against Taiwan. When Qiu Zhen Rong first got 10 years old, he witnessed the death of Du Ying Hao, and Du Ying Hao became a martial artist. A hero. Although Du Ying Hao was a man of great affection, but the channel was heavilyentangled in Qiu Zhen Rong’s point of death, the fate of fame and fortune decided to take the wife of the canal and go to Shanghai to hide.
After 18 years, Nie Yun (Chou Jun and his lover) went to Du Ying Hao. Although experiencing a lot of dangers and difficulties, Qiu Jun gradually became acquainted with Du Ying Hao’s swearing, and he found that the murderer of Qiu Rong Rong was a murderer on the beach. Lu San Xiong. Qiu Jun is very detailed – Qiu Zhen has become a good helper for Lu San Xiong, but Lu San Xiong is arrogant, and he has repeatedly ridiculed Du Ying Hao and Qiu Jun and others for a series of cruel and hard-hitting actions, and together with the Japanese special agent leader Miyamoto Ichiro Engage in earthquakes. After the September 18th Incident, Du Ying Hao and Qiu Jun, Qiu Zhen and others jointly attacked and attacked Lu Sanxiong and attacked the Japanese invasion of China.

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