My Heroic Husband (2021)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 赘婿之吉兴高照

Duration: 1 hr. 45 min.

Content Rating: G - All Ages

Alternative titles: Zhui Xu Zhi Ji Xing Gao Zhao , Zhui Xu Dian Ying Ban , 赘婿电影版

My Heroic Husband (2021)


Su Wen Xing, the first son of the second lady of Su’s Cloth Store, was once determined to get the store’s cachet and succeed his father’s position. Even though defeated by Ning Yi in his competition for power with his sister Su Tan’er, he took charge of the store in the end after his sister and Ning Yi had left Jiang Ning. However, he happened to hear servants talking about how others only took him as a mascot of the store. Su Wen Xing was deeply humiliated and left for Fuyuan, hoping he can build something of his own, which went unsuccessfully and put him in distress. Just when he was in desperation, his old classmate came up and offered to turn the tide for him on the condition that.

~~ Adapted from the novel “Zhui Xu” (赘婿) by Fen Nu de Xiang Jiao (愤怒的香蕉).



My Heroic Husband (2021) Cast

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