Living (2020)

Country: Japan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: Living

Air Date: May 30, 2020 - Jun 6, 2020

Network: NHK

Duration: 15 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Living (2020)


The novelist expands his imagination while receiving encouragement from the speaking acorn. It reflects 4 family patterns…

Episode 1 – Alice Hirose (played by Alice Hirose) and her sister, played by Suzu Hirose. Although they appear to be close to each other on the outside, they have a secret side that they cannot tell anyone about. What is their secret problem?

Episode 2 – The second episode features an older brother, played by Nagayama Eita, and a younger brother, played by Nagayama Kento. They make a living by cooking “Dishes from the past”. A letter arrives to one of the brothers and what’s inside is a shocking revelation.

Episode 3 – In the third episode, the husband, played by Akinori Nakao, and the wife, played by Riisa Naka. ‘There’s no one in this world I’m more afraid of than my wife’ – that she will be angry at him and abandon him because she loves him. One day, her fearful, timid husband acquires a little special ability. What is this special ability?

Episode 4 – Takataka Aoki, Yuka (voice). A husband spends his time in his room to keep his wife and child from catching a cold. While he is absent from work, a baseball game on TV catches his attention. Baseball games are supposed to be held on a voluntary basis, but…

Episodes 1-4 – [Writer] Sadao Abe & [Acorn] Danmitsu (voice) –
Writer: “? Human beings, say Datte following Acorn”
Acorn: “Then sensei, Can you tell me What, I man advantage?”

Now that people are facing difficulties, a special project that delivers the charm of fiction!



Living (2020) Cast

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