Live Your Life (2021)

Live Your Life (2021)

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Rank: #4186

Country: China

Native Title: 好好生活

Air Date: Oct 5, 2021 – Oct 26, 2021 2021-10-05

Year: 2021

Network: Hunan TV,Mango TV

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: G – All Ages

Alternative Titles: Hao Hao Sheng Huo

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance


Wu You and He Xi Ya have been pitting their wits and will against each other for so long, only to realize that they’ve become a bickering couple. Wu You discovers that He Xi Ya was the man who saved her life when she got into a car accident. The amorous Su Fei is a blogger whose tried and tested techniques in dealing with emotional affairs amassed her a large following. Inreality, she has zero experience when it comes to love. Lucky for her, there was always this warm and dependable guy around even when her credibility was being questioned.

Lu Man has vowed to stay celibate as she believes that marriage will only bring trouble. However, she cannot help but feel attracted to Lin Qing. Meanwhile, Qian Jia Yi is a powerful woman in the corporate world. She surprised everyone when she suddenly got married. Nonetheless, things didn’t work out with her husband due to differences in values, and they eventually separated. When she meets a man who is headstrong and capable, just like her, what kind of chemistry will it bring? Along the way, the four ladies support each other and grow together in their careers and in love. They come to an understanding that as long as you live well, happiness will not be far away.


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